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My Mother’s Day Mission

Posted on Tuesday March 1, 2016

As all of my treasured friends know, I travelled all the way from Timbuktu to be with you!

This does mean that I am very far away from my Mum this Mother’s Day, but that doesn’t mean I can’t make her feel splendidly special.

I’ll be sending her one of my lovely new cards with a handwritten message inside to remind her that she is simply brilliant!

You see, Mums don’t ask for a lot: a card; a gesture; a thank you or a hug is all it really takes to make them smile and feel loved.

I’m on a mission this Mother’s Day to make sure that every Mum in the whole wide world feels special, but I’m only one teddy bear, so I need to enrol some help from you.

Let’s all share cards, hugs and lovely words with Mums, Grans, Stepmums and like-a-mums this Mother’s Day, to help spread smiles far and wide – that’s my Mother’s Day Mission!

Big Hugs,

Tt x