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Happy Valentine’s Month!

Posted on Monday February 1, 2016

What is the best way to keep at bay those February blues? Saying more I love yous!

All of my treasured friends know that I have a big marshmallowy heart, so naturally, I love Valentine’s Day.

There is no lovelier feeling than receiving a card (or a little Tedmund-Ted bear) from somebody very special, just to remind you that ‘you are amazing!’

It is infectious to make someone smile, you just can’t help but smile yourself, so I’m here to help you spread smiles and love this February with my new Valentine’s Day cards.

As always, I’d love to see photographs of your Tedmund collections, and it would make my February complete if you left me a little note on my message board…I can feel my heart turning into a toasted marshmallow already!

So come on treasured friends, let’s keep those February blues at bay and share the love this Valentine’s Day…

Big Hugs,

Tt x