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Fireworks, Fun and Friends!

Posted on Thursday November 5, 2015

My friends say that I am like a toffee apple… a little bit round but sweet to the core! Which got me thinking about Bonfire Night and different kinds of friends…

Some friends are like fireworks. They might be very far away and you might not see them often, but when you do they make your life much brighter.

Some friends are like sparklers. They're full of life and excitement, and they light up your face with a smile whenever you see them!

And some friends are like snuggly gloves. They're always there for you if you need a hand to hold, and you feel warm whenever they're around. 

Whether you are a toffee apple friend, a firework friend, a sparkler friend or a snuggly glove friend - I hope you have the most wonderful Bonfire Night!

Big Hugs,